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My response in my head to some RL dramatics was inspired by Kit-Kat - I know I rock, I don’t need you to tell me that ;)

ohhhhh crap

Kat looks adorable in glasses science lab goggles. That is like, the last thing I need to happen. They do not need glasses. (Even worse that AG has both pink and purple glasses.) Nobody tell her she looks cute. NO ONE

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Sorry for getting deep on you all of a sudden but… this topic comes up a lot, and I feel like I end up writing the same thing every time it does (or, more often, forgetting part of what I want to say), so I’m taking the time to lay down my opinions on the topic. For once, I am going to try to be…

((I agree with some of your points. I do think there should be at least a little focus on the disability (something like a chapter or a B-plot?), maybe dealing with prejudice one might face and how they overcome it?))

yeah I agree with that! I just don’t want it to be the only plot. But it would be kind-of weird anyway if they totally ignored it, so I think I am arguing for more of what you’re suggesting…